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Chest full of the sister of the choice of what kind of underwear city new feeling to teach you

Industry news
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2017/07/31 16:09
Everyone said that the big chest sister has the body, the most sexy. But with the small chest sister, like each have their own troubles. Just like ridicule flat chest, plump will be a variety of ridicule. Although some are cliche, but also have to face with a smile. Then the chest of the big sister should be how to wear it.
Remember from the beginning of puberty, many girls love to ride on the camel. The most fundamental reason is because the body in development, feel embarrassed and shame. Especially some early wearing a bra sister will become the boys gossip homemade. Really true, so very quality. Now grow up, we should be right and reasonable to look at their own body, whether it is full or small chest have their own beauty.
  Chest big sister is the most important thing to prevent sagging. Because the gravity and age factors of metabolism will make chest big sister more likely to sag. Vest-style bra with deep V design, more fit the chest, and gather the effect of excellent. And widened cups better to accept both sides of the deputy milk, plus the heart of the jewelry at the point of add a bit sweet feeling. And purple is a low-key distribution of the charm of the color, you deserve it.
  Of course, girls still have to heart. Pale pink underwear with two-thirds cup design, making the chest more full of tall and straight. And the pattern on the bra also make it as a whole is not a single. Lower body with the same department of underwear, translucent design and careful to increase the number of sexy beauty. Do not you mind this way?