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China sports underwear market broke out

Industry news
Release time:
2017/07/31 17:52
In the "vest line", "A4 waist", "bikini bridge" under the stimulation, more and more women to join the fitness army, but also directly led to the needs of sports underwear. When the big brands and new companies are playing the idea of ​​a girl's chest, we need to understand that sports underwear business really so good to do?
Real estate big brother Ren Zhiqiang had such a quotation: underwear that would be a little more than a few hundred dollars, according to square meters count, more expensive than the house.
The logic of this sentence seems to withstand the scrutiny, but it does reflect the truth: the floating underwear may be the most willing to invest in women equipment. Especially in the "vest", "A4 waist", "bikini bridge" and other serious stimulation, the enthusiasm of Chinese women's fitness also directly led to the needs of sports underwear.
More than one piece of cloth is so simple
"This is part of the female consumers in an interview, the more uniform reason to buy sports underwear."
25-year-old Xue Lijuan has passed five or six sports underwear, but she still clearly remember the big trip to Taiwan to buy the first Nike sportswear underwear, "after wearing a special professional feel that I feel Sportsmen. "
Xue Lijuan students, the same fitness enthusiasts in the swimming wave, sexy British sports underwear is one of her motive force. "The purpose of the movement is to make yourself beautiful, choose a nice underwear, every time in the mirror, it will be encouraged.
In fact, sports underwear to women's psychological incentives or secondary reasons, its biggest role is to help women against gravity. Is the sports lingerie lovers, but also sportswear brand "Fit Shirley" founder of Xue Lijuan said that the movement of women's chest suffered much higher impact than the daily activities.
British University of Portsmouth has such a study: women running 1 mile (1609 meters), the chest up and down the swing up to 135 meters. When you run for 1 mile, your chest is also running over 1/3 of the playground, relatively speaking, the big chest of the sister moving away farther, it is a "sweet burden".
Women's chest is located in the pectoralis major muscle, mainly by the fat, breast and connective tissue composition, supporting the chest is the suspension ligament. Any violent movement of the chest in the movement, will make these ligaments elongated taut. Like a spring, if the stretch amplitude exceeds its elastic range, the elasticity will be much worse. Suspended ligament injury is the result of chest relaxation or sagging.
In addition, during the course of exercise, the chest and clothing will produce a long time, high frequency of contact, friction caused by discomfort and even epidermal damage is also common. Moreover, people in the movement will be a lot of sweating, heat and sweat concentrated in the chest and underwear wrapped around the semi-enclosed space, it is quite uncomfortable.
Can be seen, the movement in the women to bring light body weight at the same time, but also to the women's chest has brought "unbearable weight." Therefore, a good value, good function of sports underwear, can be called the beauty of women's savior.
Underwear market awareness blue ocean
Xue Lijuan very obsessed with sports lingerie, she even took the triathlon boyfriend together to "peek" the female players in the chest, to see their underwear wear appropriate inappropriate. "No way, just like to see!" She said with a smile.
Long-term observation experience to Xue Lijuan realized that the concept of Chinese women for sports underwear is still very backward. "I observed the movement of girls, wearing sports underwear also three - fifths, and wear people inside, wearing the right underwear also half.
Original underwear brand "rhinoceros" co-founder Liu Yupeng also said that many women in China did not exercise the habit of wearing sports underwear. In the United States for 14 years, Liu Yupeng said that the United States almost all women wear sportswear underwear, and will buy such as Nike, Andma (Under Armor, hereinafter referred to as "UA") such professional sports brand underwear.
Many women interviewed also said that the early movement did not wear professional sports underwear awareness, often wearing ordinary underwear to run, and every day, "bumps" and "running" really make them miserable.
In addition, the Chinese women consumers can accept the sports underwear price level is not too high. Consumers in the swimming wave that he has a dozen sports underwear, the unit price is not more than 180 yuan, the average price of 130 yuan. Graduate students read that she said that at present they will not spend a special big price to buy sports underwear.
"Miss Rhinoceros" in the production of sports underwear before the price for a market survey, the results show that in the 25-30 year-old target consumer groups, most people can accept the psychological price between 200-300 yuan, and occasionally That can accept the price of 600-700 yuan sports underwear, but extremely rare.
At present, China's major sportswear brand in the market, the price difference between the larger. The price of foreign brands significantly higher than a chip. According to the price of online mall, Nike sports underwear price range of 159-449 yuan, most of the range of 200-400 yuan; Adidas price range of 139-529 yuan; UA price slightly higher than Nike and Adi, at 349 -549 yuan between.
Shock Absorber Although the industry enjoyed a high reputation, but not in China to open outlets, the purchase channel only a few online official stores and a large number of Taobao Daigou, the price is 300-400 yuan Between the individual brands of single product prices up to 700-800 yuan.