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12 recommendations to wear underwear

Company news
Release time:
2017/07/31 17:14
1, work to fit the four corners of the underwear or T-shirt is appropriate, the two can be compared with trousers or jeans and other work to wear the most common pants "match."
2, leisure at home, loose flat pants when the first choice, the advantage is that the day can be pressed in the pants within the free organs of sexual organs. Out of the stroll is T-shaped underwear is better, you can reduce the amount of large activities (such as walking distance) on the sexual organs of the friction.
3, when the movement to good ventilation shorts, or similar to the swimming trunks material, personal breathable tight pants as well. The purpose is to thigh, hip and sexual organs between the friction to a minimum. In addition, designed for athletes designed sports wear underwear is also good, characterized by sexual organs in a part of the three-dimensional trim with a triangular cup to hold, left and right have a tight hold the buttocks, can make your hips more masculine.
4, travel or travel, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, the general white underwear can also be considered.
5, sleep preferred four corners underwear or flat pants, or a mesh design sports shorts.
6, body fat sweating, especially self-driving man, should not wear cotton underwear, should choose to feel smooth, sweat and easy to dry fabric (such as Korean silk fabric), if necessary, in the key parts with cotton bottom Of the underwear to avoid sticky feeling. In addition, a kind of fabric called Mundell, feel comfortable, and cotton texture is quite close, and the absorption and release of water faster than the average cotton 50%, also worth recommending.
7, legs thick man suitable for wearing high fork briefs, legs can be more slender.
8, tight elastic long leg underwear, trouser legs can reach the length of the thigh, is conducive to the thigh muscles tight, shaping the body shape, suitable for young people who love bodybuilding.
9, no matter what style, the best choice light underwear. Underwear color lighter, means that the less the dye used, the more safe to wear.
10, new underwear must first wash after wearing, to prevent allergies and other accidents.
11, timely to underwear holiday, such as exercise, sleep. Sports do not wear underwear can be between the important parts of the friction to a minimum; sleep without wearing underwear, bare skin can absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, and can create a cool environment, is conducive to the testicular spermatogenesis process, And can relax the limbs, help to enter the deep sleep, which is health experts to promote "naked sleep" reason.
12, cleaning underwear have to pay attention, such as the best single wash, do not wash with other clothing; hand wash, do not labor washing machine; to avoid prolonged use of detergent soaked to extend the life of underwear.