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Teach you how to choose men's underwear

Company news
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2017/07/31 17:08
Polyester underwear will kill fine
Studies have found that men wearing pure polyester underwear nearly 40% to 14 months when the number of sperm was significantly reduced, wearing half cotton half polyester blended underwear men about 9% to 10 months when the number of sperm decreased, and wear cotton underwear There is no change in semen. In addition, where there are semen changes in the men, mostly in the replacement of chemical fiber underwear 4 to 8 months after the return to normal.
Cotton underwear easy long prickly heat
Many people think that the best cotton clothes, some people do not buy cotton, in fact, this idea is not correct. For people who are prone to sweating, especially men who drive often, cotton underwear, although sweat, but not easy to dry, the skin for a long time exposure to wet clothes, prone to redness, itching, to produce eczema or prickly heat and so on. Therefore, cotton clothing may not be the best choice for men, but should not wear.
Men should not wear briefs
Compared with the briefs, flat pants to reduce the shackles of the thighs and friction, and good ventilation, more popular with men. Experts advise, flat pants should try to fit, do not be too tight, do not let loose. Too tight underwear will have an impact on the reproductive organs, too loose underwear set in the trousers will become bloated.
Underwear color can not be too deep
Some people like the dark underwear, but neglect the color is dyed by dyes, dyes are a variety of chemical substances in one of the hodgepodge, how much contains some toxicity. As for the Taibai underwear, there may be due to transitional bleaching, but also hidden some hidden dangers, increase your risk of suffering from allergies.
In addition, men's underwear cleaning should also pay attention to some of the details:
First, the underwear must be hand wash.
Underwear is generally relatively small, in order to increase the friction density, it is recommended to use the thumb and forefinger pinch, fine rubbing, so that was washed clean, thoroughly;
Second, underwear to change every day, wash every day, timely wash.
Do not let the underwear overnight, or easy to breed bacteria, and increase the difficulty of cleaning. Another, many insects, like women's underwear, very troublesome;
Third, the lotion must be soapy water, the utensil is best dedicated, the water is best cold water.
Fourth, wash the underwear, should not direct exposure.
Should first dry in the shade, and then placed in the sun disinfection. Otherwise, underwear easy to stiff, deformation.
Fifth, the final procedure: dry underwear, do not put in the closet.