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Underwear care tips

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2017/07/31 16:51
We all know that underwear is a woman's personal clothing, underwear dry, clean, health is essential for women's health, so underwear care is essential. First of all, underwear cleaning, what wash underwear, and now a lot of people in the laundry detergent requirements are getting higher and higher, but the underwear detergent is often overlooked, and choose the same washing and washing clothes: detergent The However, for the protection of our key parts of the personal clothing, the washing powder irritation is too strong, after washing a few times, not only underwear will be deformed, and contains more and more chemicals. Wash underwear the best choice soap powder. Soap powder is a wash, protect the function of the combination of washing products, with natural, strong decontamination, ultra-low foam, easy to rinse and so on. 2, the best use of hand washing, to prevent the deformation of underwear steel, destruction of the material fiber; or the use of protection (2), the use of protective clothing, underwear and underwear, Net bag to clean. 3, after washing clothes, be sure to rinse, no bubble shall prevail. So that both to protect the fabric, but also to avoid the residual chemical composition into the human body; 4, prohibit the tanning. Because the flue gas, dust, microorganisms, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances with the flow of air and floating, when the tanning underwear underwear, these harmful substances will be attached to the underwear in the underwear side,
After wearing the body, it is easy to cause allergic itching, and even induced a variety of skin inflammation. Followed by drying and placing underwear, drying: after washing can not be wringed by hand, can only be wrapped with a dry towel, hand squeeze, so that towel dry water, the underwear flattened to the original, such as the chest to shape the cup it is good. Wet bra to the cup and the middle of the cup to hang up, should not be linked to the shoulder strap, because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap. The sun is easy to make clothing deterioration and fade, so underwear can only be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Place: bra and camphor balls should not be put together, easy to damage the elasticity of the fabric. If the storage space is larger, you can like the same place in the store; if the storage space is limited, may wish to buckle buckle buckle, the shoulder strap into the cup, if the activities of the shoulder strap can be directly removed into the cup together Save; and then adjust the cup shape, so as to maintain the best shape, then the bra down the next fold up after the admission. After folding the chest can not be stacked too heavy clothing, so as not to deformation. In fact, nursing underwear there is the most simple and most effective way, that is, with underwear disinfection cabinet, recently, Herbalife launched a underwear drying machine - underwear Po ZTP10A-1, set disinfection, drying, cleaning, new Multi-functional in one. Kang Bao underwear Po is based on the simulation of the morning 10 to 11 o'clock warm sunshine and research and development, it set "constant temperature hot, warm wind, UV sterilization, ozone disinfection" is one, the underwear into the machine, start switch, select Start the required intelligent control mode, it will be 50 degrees through the warm and warm wind to the underwear drying, and through the ozone and ultraviolet sterilization cleaning, underwear drying machine "dry" underwear is not damaged, No deformation, no color, clean and dry, and a fresh fragrance, thus ensuring the underwear of the shelf life, conformal, not color, wearing more comfortable, more at ease.