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These little knowledge of underwear women will know

Industry news
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2017/07/31 16:33
Delicate curve of the body believe that every woman wants to have, and underwear function is able to achieve the dream of women. And a good underwear is related to the shape and health of women, I believe this is the ladies agree. Therefore, women in the purchase of underwear, the following underwear tips must be kept in mind.
In daily life, underwear is a woman close to the clothing, and also have a great relationship with women's health. Bra as a defender to protect the fragile breasts, if you do not pay attention to wear, will become the cause of breast cancer, unknowingly threatened our breasts.
In the choice of underwear to pay attention to the following points:
1. Underwear style is different, its actual function is also different
If you ignore this point, only consider the beautiful appearance of underwear, then it will slowly erode your original superior body. To know that underwear not only need to match the shape, but also with different occasions with the coat. If you can combine the design of the coat, fabric and wear season, occasions, such as selection of underwear, it is more able to reflect the taste of clothing and cultivation.
Huajiao demon for the different body design function with different women's underwear, there are all-inclusive, oblique-style, semi-packet type, or a foil, no lining, etc., and some lining Will use the wire, and separate the length and width of the different, so that women's chest curve is more smooth, more upright, fully out of the infinite charm of women.
2. Underwear should be inclusive, in order to effectively bear the breast
In general, double knitted cotton fabric is the most flexible and durable. It should be noted that the vitality of underwear is limited, once the loose loss of flexibility, it should be abandoned, and in time to get rid of new.
Speaking of comfortable and breathable, had to jacquard cool demon composite structure cup, make the chest curve more beautiful at the same time, let the body enjoy the free deep breath. Because it uses a multi-layer composite breathable fabric, creating a three-dimensional and light breathable comfort at the same time, but also to wear underwear is no longer a bondage.
3. Underwear should not wear too loose or too tight
Because the loose underwear, like not wearing the same, does not help your body; too tight underwear will be out on the mark, the breathing and blood circulation adverse. Too loose or too tight is a large degree of shoulder strap adjustment error, the general female for the oblique shoulder and a word shoulder, oblique shoulder women prone to fall, causing embarrassment, therefore, the proposed use of left and right, before and after the cross, such as relatively solid shoulder Buckle method, and the shoulder more beautiful women, it is recommended a neck or oblique buckle full of charming style.
4. With the age, weight and other changes, the body curve will change
Every time you buy underwear, you should measure the current size correctly. In the selection of underwear, you can be generous to tell the shopping guide Miss want to wear the effect. Such as: want to make a small chest looks bigger, want to tighten the drooping chest, want to make the abdomen flat and so on the desire, so pick the ideal ratio of underwear on the sudden increase.
In addition, it is best to take the trouble to try, until the satisfaction so far. If you are too troublesome to ask too much time to try again and again, it is difficult to meet their own underwear. To know, underwear together or not, is entirely by the woman's meticulous experience to experience.
And underwear purchase is not correct, or wear properly will lead to the following seven adverse effects.
1. The cup is too small and the muscles are spilled
About the size of the bra cup has such a theory: do not small, Ning loose not tight! This shows that if the cup election is very dangerous, because it will oppress the chest caused by poor drainage of lymph fluid, easily lead to breast disease. In addition, the cup is too small will let the muscles overflow, resulting in vice milk, not only affect the health but also affect the appearance.
2. The cup is too large, leading to chest deformation
Cup is too large, though not have a great impact on health, but not conducive to the female shape of the curve of the chest, usually two women recommended to choose a bra than a large number of their own, can be worn during the menstrual period, when selected bra. If too large, it is easy to drop the chest sagging.
3. bra straps too tight, oppression of the breast
Shoulder strap too tight in addition to the shoulder will cause discomfort, but also let the bra on the move, and now the bottom of the bra are fixed steel, so if the bra on the move, harder iron will oppress the breast tissue, if the girls In the case of sports, bra move up, we must promptly adjust the underwear.
4. bra is too tight, so that fat generation
Do not think that the bra is the more tight plastic effect is better, the bra is too tight will cause poor blood circulation, chest tightness, but also make annoying fat swoop in. The correct tightness should be shoulder strap, strap, cup comfort Close to the skin, do not tightly pull the muscles, the bottom of the bra should be at the same height.
5. Wear more than 12 hours, the incidence of breast cancer can reach 75%
In addition to the above mentioned, another day to wear more than 12 hours, the incidence of breast cancer can reach 75%. So if at home or non-public places can try not to wear bra, which is beneficial to the prevention of breast cancer. Recently, the Shanghai Women's Disease Rehabilitation Committee published a new survey, the survey showed that the city's 79.3% of women wearing a bra inappropriate. Mainly in: long wear, bust tight and not to adjust. Clinical statistics also found that wearing a bra every day more than 10 hours prone to breast disease, and the probability is twice that of other people. In addition to the bra to wear inappropriate may also bring the following health problems.
6. bra wear inappropriate affect the lymphatic reflux
Many women will wear the breast when the shift is concentrated from outside to inside the move, the results of breast shape quite beautiful, but the impact of lymphatic reflux, delay metabolism, increase the breast acinar endotoxin, increase the risk of illness.
7. bra wear properly will make breasts lack of blood supply
Bra wearing improper harm
Inappropriate bra will cause breast pain: If the long-term use of tight bra, breast under pressure parts will produce poor blood supply, fibrosis, and the formation of cable-like hypertrophy, press the pain.
Improper bra on the specific impact of the breast
The first is the dough tube clogging. Because the bra close to the nipple, the activities of the nipple friction bra fiber, so that the fiber into a cocoon into the milk tube. Over time, milk tube blocked, not only affect the future breastfeeding, and even cause mastitis. The second is easy to cause nipple concave. If the choice of bra length than the chest short, then the bra will tightly oppress the breast, affecting the breast's blood circulation, but also oppression of the nipple, so flat or even concave, the same will affect the future breastfeeding. "
If you have to try to buy underwear, try to remember the following 12 tips, you can teach you to distinguish their own underwear.
Choose the bra twelfth tips:
1. Whether the cup is fixed in the chest under the Wai, not any move.
2. If you choose a steel ring bra can not have the following two cases; one will be pain, the second is the chest under the bra with a cup of indentation.
3. Adjust the appropriate shoulder strap length.
4. whether the breast has been concentrated in the cup.
5. The nipple should be at the top of the cup.
6. Bra breast cleavage is attached.
7. The armpit meat can not be exposed.
8. Check whether the upper edge of the cup is attached.
9. Check whether the cup can fully support the chest.
10. Note whether the cup is wrinkled due to obedience.
11. Even if you remove the shoulder strap, bra is still fixed, will not move.
12. Finally, arms back and forth, check the breast with or without oppression and nipples are squeezed.