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Address:Shenhu Town, Jinjiang City,

Shifeng Industrial Zone

Contact number:86-135-5906-2999(zhan Sir)

Contact number:86-138-0855-1568(hou Miss)
Fax number:86-0595-8828-2568

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Company news
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2017/07/31 16:21
BAIJIA (Fujian) underwear Co., Ltd., Located in the "China 's underwear town" - Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, Shenzhen and Shanghai Shifeng Industrial Zone, geographical advantages, is a collection weaving, underwear, printing production as one of the wholly foreign - owned Enterprises, with more than 1,500 employees. After years of careful management, and to continue to develop hundreds of fine, developed into a powerful design force, scientific management methods, high-quality professionals, advanced equipment, modern and standardized enterprises. More than 1,000 sets of underwear production equipment, with an annual output of 4,000 tons of knitted fabrics, underwear more than 800 million fight.
Companies to improve the management, advanced technology and high-quality raw materials, advanced design concepts and standardized flow of operations to create a diversified, innovative products to meet the full range of consumer demand, favored by domestic and foreign customers, the company's products Selling all over the country and exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Poland, Britain, Panama, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and regions. The company always adhere to the "credibility of the first" principle, to the guiding ideology of innovation, in the brand-building as the center, to the quality of competition for the core, customer satisfaction as the goal, a comprehensive integration of enterprise resources, and people at home and abroad in good faith Cooperation, hand in hand, create brilliant.